Fourth Of July On The Plains

Fourth of July

Fourth Of July On The Plains

2007 / RLR-03

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The root of all Fourth Of July songs is singer/songwriter Brendan Hangauer playing alone with a nylon-stringed guitar. As much in love with Dylan, Townes and Kitty Wells as Silver Jews, Papa M and Palace, Hangauer’s songs are full of intimate interactions, cutting observations and dreamy, heartfelt candor. As soon as the songs are brought to the band, which includes Hangauer’s brothers Partick (bass) and Kelly (keys/trumpet) as well as fellow singer Adrianne Verhoeven, guitarist Steve Swyers and drummer Brian Costello, they explode into amplified urgency and bold, bright heartland pop.

"Fourth Of July On the Plains" was recorded in Lawrence, Kansas at Mixtape Soundlab by Ben Jackson and mixed and mastered in Austin, Texas by Jim Vollentine.