7/3/12 Sizzle reel

Homepage: Zaguar, from some old work.

Looks like it's gonna be 106 degrees in Lawrence on the 4th of July. What better way to stay sweaty than catching the annual Replay firework show, also known as "Fourth Of July on the 4th of July"? This year will be extra interesting, with Brendan from Fourth Of July fresh off of fracturing his wrist. Ex-Fourth Of July guitarist Say My Name will be filling in on guitar and Brendan will get to perform in the role he's always dreamed of: pure lead singer. Show's at 10PM, Wednesday, July 4th. Opening is Kansas City's the ACB's. UPDATE: Nice recap of the show and videos of Fourth Of July doing the Star Spangled Banner and playing "Can't Sleep" and "Surfer Dude" HERE, thanks to I Heart Local Music.

Along with saving the day for "Fourth Of July on the 4th of July", Say My Name has been hard at it, rocking this throwback remix for Fag Cop's "Panoptic Wives" and contributing a new jam, "El Judicial", to Potholes In My Blog's "Space Toast" compilation. We've also added two tracks to the Listen page for Say My Name's exceptional "Say My Name 2" from last year, "What's After Next?" and "The Red One".

Our next release, the debut EP from Coke Weed X is tenatively set for an August 7th (digital only). Next update will have the full scoop.

Other scoops: White Flight has returned from recording his next record in Peru and is back in Hawaii, finishing it up (!). And 1,000,000 Light Years is putting the finishing touches on a follow-up EP to his 2007 ambient-electronic debut.

Really lovely tribute to Dri/Extra Classic from I Heart Local Music posted at The Larryville Chronicles.

And our boy Nezbeat did the beat and worked on the raps for this Funny or Die video starring the filmmaker's of the movie "Lola Versus".

Try to stay cool, everybody. Get some lemonade from your local upstart lemonade stand, hit the public pool, hammock in the shade -- or move to San Francisco, where it's 65 degrees all summer B)

Range Life

5/9/12 Spring In To Summer

Homepage: Zaguar

What better way to "Spring in to Summer" than catching Fourth Of July rock outside the Replay at the 10th Street Block Party this Saturday evening, May 12th? $5 for a bunch of great bands, including former Fourth Of July'er Kelly Hangauer's The Hips. As we wait anxiously for final mixes on the new Fourth Of July record, new songs are getting stage tested -- here's video from their last show of a new song, "Drinking Binge". And check this interview with Brendan from Fourth Of July over at the always-inisightful Larryville Chronicles.

Speaking of interviews, don't miss this really great, comprehensive interview with White Flight at international culture site AWEH.

Our next release, the debut EP by Coke Weed X, is currently being mastered. Release details hopefully with the next update.

Say My Name's at it again with this minimalist remix of Ghosty's "The Wolf".

Both Say My Name and Dri have tracks featured in the movie "Four", directed by Joshua Sanchez and music-supervised by the amazing T. Cole Rachel. "Four" is on the festival circuit, so if you're in Los Angeles you can catch it Friday, June 15th or Monday, June 18th as part of the L.A. FilmFest.. Here in San Francisco we're looking forward to catching it at the Castro Theater on Thursday, June 21st!

Here's the order link for Dri's current project, Extra Classic's debut LP on Manimal ; ) Boin that sow dow!

The Extra Classic album was designed by resident design genius Pre Sense Form. He's also involved in a new digital music network called Distro. They're in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign for their Beta launch (deadline May 20th). Check it out and donate HERE.

This is for all the beautiful Mommas: Happy Mother's Day! Check out my baby and baby's Momma featured on the Acrimony boutique blog.

Here's to having a little fun in the sun! B)


3/22/12 Spring

Homepage: Zaguar

Busy, busy, busy.

Been jamming roughs for the next Fourth Of July LP and it's incredible - the most mature, memorable songs they've ever made. Can't wait for everyone to hear the record! If you want to hear the latest live, you're in luck: they play the Middle of the Map Fest, Saturday April 7th at the Firefly Lounge, KC, from 8:30-9:30; and then open for Ghosty at their album release show, Friday, April 20th at the Replay (check out/pre-order the new Ghosty album HERE).

Know Coke Weed X? If you don't, it's Bronco and Brendan Costello from Fourth Of July, shaking up an all-gems grab-bag of instrumental daydreams and hotbox soul breaks. So good. We'll be releasing the EP digitally early this Summer so stay tuned!

Got to chill with 1,000,000 Light Years here in SF and heard some deep tracks from the album he's working on, a follow-up to his 2007 EP. Catch 1MLY opening for the Roseline, Thursday, March 29th at the Replay.

Talked to White Flight who's getting ready to head to Peru for a few months to record his boundless (and Kickstarter powered!) next album. Think he's living the dream? Can not wait to hear it B)

Extra Classic's 150gm gatefold vinyl is in stock and will post a link for it soon.

The "Suzannah Johannes EP" is back on iTunes ; ) If you haven't noticed, there's an EP's worth of remixes you can download from her album page (just right-click/ control-click the track and select "download linked file").

Was surfing YouTube the other night and found this video of Suzannah Johannes and Say My Name playing a Velvet Underground-y version of "Girl Like You" together.

And then Suzannah appears again, in the far-right duo, in this video of Danny Pound's set-closer, "Quitting Time", from his spot-lit show at the Lawrence Arts Center. So beautiful, sad, hopeful. Lawrence in a nutshell.

Go Hawks!!!

Range Life

1/9/12 ***

Homepage: Beverly Pepper "Split Pyramid" at Stanford University photo by @Z_aguar

Excited to start out 2012 with updates from all Range Life-associated artists, each in their own words:

White Flight: ALOHA! I write from southern California on this beautiful sunny day. We are alive and this planet is hot hot hot right now! I have begun work on a new recording, which I won't even call an album, as it is going to be much more than that, the genesis sounds for a film and eventual multi-sensoral other-dimensional transport tool. The scope of this project will involve many incredible collaborators and inevitably lots of coconuts. I am considering a variety of spaces to really dig deep into the initial foundation of this project, and I am reaching out and open to any ideas if someone can offer a special retreat-like space that could be transformed into a studio for 2 weeks to 2 months. I will rent the space or make trades. Privacy is essential, a place where deep exploration can take place without day to day interruptions. Preferably, I am looking for something in southern California, HAWAII, or anywhere else OUTside of America. Middle of nowhere works, exploring all options. I am also needing to borrow or rent some studio gear, particularly looking for vintage tube preamps, compressors, funky keyboards and various effects. Please contact me if you want to become a part this incredible new project!!! love, WHITEY

Say My Name: I can say, with some degree of certainty, that Say My Name 2 will actually exist in the physical world this year. Probably as a compact disc, unless I stumble upon a giant bag of money, in which case Say My Name 2 will definitely come out on quadrophonic 180 gram vinyl. Otherwise, I have been working on a few remixes for some local favorites that should be trickling out over the next weeks and months, including this remix for CVLTS . I'm also trying out a less sample-based approach on my new material, but old tricks die hard. Santorum 2012!

Fourth Of July: hey it's brendan from fourth of july. at the end of 2011 we started recording a new full length album. we hit the studio with our good friend chris crisci (appleseed cast, old canes). down in his basement we have started to create our best album yet. the album is about half way done at this point in 2012. just need to add some salt and pepper and mix it down. we also have some upcoming shows: feb. 2nd @the jackpot w/ cowboy indian bear, and feb. 24th @the brick in kansas city w/ the acb's. 2012 is looking like an exciting year for fourth of july. some goals are to play south by southwest and tour on this new album. hope we can get all this done before the aliens come...ha ha just kidding :-/

Suzannah Johannes: I turned 29 in August and have a goal of recording a full length before I'm thirty. Still have a deal on the table with No Quarter, I think. I'm playing four songs for the "Modern Romantics" show (aka Danny Pound Review) Jan. 21 at the Art Center. The line up is exciting: Danny Pound, Danny Pound Band, Arthur Dodge, Matt Suggs, and myself. Saymyname and Danny Pound Band are going to accompany me on most of the songs. After that, I'm not going to play any shows until I have some new songs. Wouldn't want to fade away, after all. Still working in Topeka. Some call it Top City, but I prefer Toe Town.

1,000,000 Light Years: 1,000,000 Light Years is continuing the quest for the perfect sound to embody the spirit of the ancient far advanced past-- Like when people used to use sound to move giant stones, built pyramids from the stones and then used the pyramids as gateways to travel the universe. But the stones to be moved now are bodies, the pyramids made of light and the universe just merely one of the infinite dimensions to travel. The sonic spaceship is just beginning construction-- one could say the tools to construct it have been constructed; the soil has been prepared. Fall brought forth a remix of Mastermind Say My Name's "The Red One" from his latest release. It still needs a little tweaking in the mixing booth, but will debut shortly. In the meantime, here is a preview of the new sounds, taken at the Lost Art gallery space in downtown Lawrence where 1MLY is playing monthly on Final Fridays. Feliz año nuevo!

Dri/Extra Classic: As 2012 begins we have started work on a new Extra Classic album. We're recording all analog: deep, heavy, swirly and all smashed together onto 1/2" magnetic tape. Our debut album, "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam", which was "released" in September 2011 by Manimal Vinyl will at last see a vinyl release this month featuring a gate-fold jacket with fresh art/packaging by our bro, PreSenseForm. The vinyl LP package will also include a download card that has 4 bonus dub/versions. This February, Burger Records is releasing a cassette of our LP with it's corresponding dub album! The A-side will have "Your Light..." in it's entirety and the B-side will have all dub/versions of the songs! We're sooooo stoked about this! Extra Classic live: 2/17 San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord, 3/14-18 Austin, TX South By Southwest, 3/23-25 San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside BURGER RECORDS BOOGALOO xo xo Dri & Alex

Looking forward to all of this and more this year.

Sit tight!

Range Life

11/5/11 Rocktober

Homepage: photo from Lake Tahoe by Kelly Hangauer

Wow, what a month! After almost a year in Brooklyn, I made the move with my girlfriend cross-country to San Francisco. That was October 1st. On the 30th our baby daughter Milla Kate was born. In between, White Flight "went and fucking did it", as @MakeMine said on Twitter, fulfilling his Kickstarter campaign for a new White Flight record; we witnessed Extra Classic tear apart the Independent; Hunters & Gatherers (Kelly from Fourth Of July) and Coke Weed X (Bronco and Styles from Fourth Of July) posted hot tracks to their respective Soundclouds; our friends Rooftop Vigilantes dropped their fantastic "Real Pony Glue" album; the Chiefs won 4 in a row; Steve Jobs died; and #OccupyWallSt took flight. Pretty amazing ; )

As we catch our breath (and a few shards of shut-eye), here's a little twitter round-up of what's going on: @BARRR did an hour-long A.D.D. podcast with Say My Name; Atlas and the Anchor did a nice interview with Dri; the indispensable I Heart Local Music started a Kickstarter for new local-music-coverage equipment (including, for a $50 pledge, a package of almost all of the Range Life vinyl releases); one of our favorite emerging artists, Matthew Northridge, has a solo show opening at our friend Steven Stewart's KANSAS Gallery in NYC; our homie Carl posted a ragged glory cover of Fourth Of July's "L Train" to YouTube; and Say My Name's new joint, "Say My Name 2", climbed the charts.

If you're in Lawrence Friday, November 11th - aka 11/11/11 - I envy you, because that night every venue in town is going to be stocked with choice bands. Our very own Fourth Of July and Suzannah Johannes will be topping the bill that night at the Taproom and 1,000,000 Light Years and Dri "Smoke Rings" Producer Nezbeat will be at the Bottleneck. (UPDATE: Just saw my boy Nez out here in SF - he's not on this bill any longer.) Please take video! And raise an Ad Astra for me!

Next update we'll be gearing up for "Favorite Songs of 2011", so be thinking about it. And hopefully an update on the status of Fourth Of July recording. If you're visiting - or playing - San Francisco, please drop a line.

Have a great Yesvember!


9/20/11 After Next

Homepage: Photo of Say My Name by Brendan Hangauer

"Say My Name 2", the outstanding sophomore release from Say My Name, is OUT TODAY, digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Say My Name's Bandcamp. You can also stream it for free on Soundcloud. It starts fast and furious with "The Squeakquel" (great fan video for "The Squeakquel" Here) and "Screwdriver" before slowing down and stretching out into the soundscape vistas and atmospheric collages that define most of the record. In the press release we called it "a soundscapist's escape from the Kansas cold" and I feel like you can hear the ice creak behind these songs even as they transport you across a spinning globe to Indian weddings, desert canyons, Times Square, Atlantis... So proud to be putting this out. Thanks to Kenneth Kupfer for the album art and Carl Saff for the mastering. Get your EarBuds ready!

Check out the Wonder Woman-starring video for Say My Name's "La Cygne" HERE and if you're feeling the track, you can download it by right-clicking on "La Cygne" under the Say My Name header on the Range Life "LISTEN" page.

Thrilled to announce that Fourth Of July has started recording their third full-length with Old Canes/Appleseed Cast frontman Chris Crisci. We'll keep you posted on how it develops. One change will be the absence of trumpeter/keyboardist Kelly Hangauer from these recordings. He's gone to Prague for a semester abroad. You can follow him at his Twitter - if he'd ever use it - and check out the terrific first tracks he's posted to his Hunters and Gatherers Soundcloud.

Our girl Dri has her Extra Classic album, "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam", coming out next week, September 27th, on Manimal Vinyl. It's getting some rad attention - Rolling Stone, Pop Matters, Yours Truly - and for good reason: from deep-in-the-cut "Congo Rebel" to high-in-the-heavens "Give Me Your Love" it's full of goosebumps. Don't miss them live in October opening for Spencer Krug's Moonface. And check out Pre Sense Form's San Fran-psych album cover. Can't wait for that gatefold vinyl!

If you're in Lawrence and you think you spotted a mysterious figure looking suspiciously like White Flight - you're right, baby. He's back with his girl and his baby daughter to soak up some Free State and catch some college football while we await the fate of his Kickstarter. We need about 5G's with 12 days to go for what will undoubtedly be a mind-blowing album. Please consider pledging if you haven't already done so and spread the word/ Facebook "Like"/ RT/ whatever to help make it happen. This could be HUGE!

Thanks, as always!

Range Life

8/11/11 Out Of My Dreams

Homepage: Zaguar

Wow, where to start?

How bout the Breaking News: White Flight has announced a Kickstarter campaign to make a new record - and accompanying film - with an amazing video dispatch from Hawaii and a list of donation prizes (from a Quartz necklace to a Home Performance(!)) that should get any White Flight fan frothing. I plan to pledge $333 and get his acoustic version of this ; ) Deadline is Oct 2nd. Let's do this!

"Say My Name 2", the fantastic second record from our man Say My Name, has a release date: September 20th, 2011 on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp! Grab first single "La Cygne" HERE and stay posted for a few videos and remixes that can't not be rad, since they're chasing the comet's tail of "Say My Name 2" and Kenneth Kupfer's masta killa cover art. (UPDATE: Stream "Say My Name 2" at the Kid's Bandcamp.)

Good luck to Fourth Of July this Sunday, August 14th at the 2011 Pitch Music Awards. They're nominated in the "Indie Rock" category. You can still cast a Vote.

We're happy to have some new, iconic Fourth Of July t-shirts on sale in the Range Life webstore. Girls' and Guys' fits. Black t's with dark gold lettering. Eagles and Founding Fathers. Pretty pimp. There's also a package deal with a T-shirt and CD for $25, including shipping. And if it's digital you're after, for the rest of August the sophomore Fourth Of July album "Before Our Hearts Explode!" will be On Sale at their Bandcamp for $5. Get it while it's Hot Hot Hot!

While the boys figure out their recording sitch, you can enjoy Brendan playing a new song, "Colorado", on the back porch of a condo in Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago, thanks to our Aunt Jeanne. And the indispensable I Heart Local Music shot some of a stripped-down Fourth Of July playing their epic send-off "Berlin" on the Ink KC songwriter stage at the Kanrocksas Fest. KC Kids! - you're bound to hear these tracks - and a bunch of other new ones - Saturday, August 27th at the Brick, where they'll be playing with the ACB's and Full Bloods.

San Francisco: Don't Miss Extra Classic this Friday night, August 12th, playing an Outside Lands Festival night show at the Rickshaw Stop with Vetiver and tUnE-YarDs! Nice write-up about it in SF Weekly. The debut Extra Classic record "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam" will be out September 27th on Manimal Vinyl. In the meantime, download this dub of album track "You Can't Bring Me Down" from Pop Matters.

Some video of Suzannah Johannes playing a lilting new song the other night at Love Garden in Lawrence and a nice journal entry about the show from The Larryville Chronicles. (Update: More video of Suzannah from @Oxfordist and you can now follow Suzannah on Twitter!)

More on "Say My Name 2" and Fall plans next time.

Sun with Sunglasses


6/16/11 Summer

Homepage: Zaguar

Congratulations to Dri and her band Extra Classic! They've signed to Manimal in Los Angeles and will be putting out their debut record "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam" on September 27th. Check out the first single "Congo Rebel" on FADER and get the 7" 45 from Nopal. And check out a new track, "Give Them The Same" HERE. Feeeeling it.

Goes kinda nicely with this dubbed-out A.D.D. podcast from @BARRR and DJ Carlos Picante. I had it on repeat for a week B) Also a nice A.D.D. podcast with Dri "Smoke Rings" producer Nezbeat, who dropped a hiphop record with Joe Good called "Good Hair". Listen up!

It's the middle of June which means... 2 1/2 weeks until the "Fourth Of July on the 4th of July" annual blow-out at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence. This year will feature, along with some patriotic sweat and shirtlessness from Fourth Of July, a bottle-rocket blast from JabberJosh and a wave of waving sparklers from The Traveling Junipers. Plus, guest-DJ-ing on the patio, from Have-You-Heard-About-Brooklyn-New-York: PRIEST Fontaine!

The new Say My Name joint is oh-so-close - mixed, mastered, videos and remixes being worked on. Just trying to nail down an official release date. Plan is to drop it digitally alongside a super-limited run of lathe-cut LP's. Summer '11 - for sure. Stay tuned.

Lawrence music shout-outs: Norrit killing it with that shimmy on his Soundcloud; the terrific new Hospital Ships record "Lonely Twin", out now on Graveface (also check out the Lawrence-repping videos for Lonely Twin track "Galaxies" and for Spinner Magazine at I Heart Local Music); and a nice chill new track from CVLTS that I haven't been able to stop listening to.

Summer. Finally. Damn... For those of you in New York, stop by the Speedy Romeo tent at the "Smorgasburg"/Brooklyn Flea at the East River Waterfront in Williamsburg on Saturdays where I've been helping Chef - and Kansan - Justin Bazdarich dish out his incredible fresh mozzarella. And our friend Steven Stewart is set to open his new art gallery - called "Kansas", of course - with a group show and opening party on Friday, June 24th.


Our hearts and thoughts are with Corey Roelofs - feel better, brother.

Range Life

5/12/11 Open Windows

Homepage: snapshot by Dad

After he finishes in the Disney World Men's Room, Brendan and the rest of Fourth Of July will be bringing that Summertime feeling to the Replay Lounge patio in downtown Lawrence, Kansas for the annual "Spring Into Summer" local music fest on Saturday, May 21st. It's a great bill, check it out at I Heart Local Music. (While you're there, Brendan joined in sharing some Summer thoughts and an idea for avant-garde swimwear, which is worth considering.)

There's also a live version of a new Fourth Of July song, "Fall In August" from their show at the Record Bar in Kansas City last month up on their YouTube channel. (If you follow Range Life on Twitter, forgive me for the re-posts -- as you know, it all happens there first ; )

Fourth Of July bassist and 1,000,000 Light Years point man Patrick Hangauer is getting married this weekend in Lawrence: sorry Ladies! But we're thrilled for Patrick and Holly and wish them every happiness.

I'll be bringing a stash of White Flight "Panther" 7"s to stock at Love Garden -- they're limited, so don't sleep on it!

Say My Name posted to his Soundcloud the Oval-esque remix he did for White Flight's "Children of the Light" (and no, your computer's not on the fritz - these are sounds made by marking up a burned cd of the original track with magic marker and then re-importing it fresh)

Say My Name #2 update: just waiting on the mastering and we'll be ready to roll. RIYL: the idea of Tortoise jamming via remote-control robots or what Madlib would make if he came up in Berlin instead of L.A. Summer Release info soon!

I did a fan video for the Deptford Goth track "Real Love Fantasy", which you can check HERE.

Shout out to Lawrence! Shout out to Spring in New York! Shout out to 98-year-old Grandma Kate making it back to Lawrence for the wedding!

So nice to have the windows open...


4/12/11 Cool Kids

Homepage: Zaguar

Don't miss Fourth Of July this Friday night, April 15th, playing a KJHK - and Turbotax - sponsored show at the Bottleneck in Lawrence with Elevator Action and Oils. 10 PM! 50% off all drinks for CPA's.

If you go you might hear this new jam "Eskimo Brothers" - live version HERE on FOJ's new YouTube channel - which, if you're missing Lawrence, sums up the state of mind there uncannily - especially the chorus "The stars remind me I'm in the middle of nowhere." (Can't say I've noticed any stars yet in NYC...)

Extra Classic has a cool show coming up in San Francisco, opening for !!! at the Independent on Monday night, April 18th at 9PM. HERE is some live footage of Extra Classic tearing into SXSW a few weeks ago. And HERE is a link to Nopal Records, where you can pick up a 7" of the first Extra Classic single, "Congo Rebel". (iTunes single HERE).

Any Range Life fans in San Diego, give a shout to Jeffrey Isom aka Pre Sense Form, the man behind all our graphic and art design, and probably the #1 person in the world I'd want to move to whatever city I was living in. SoCal bands, artists, start-ups, agencies - put our man to work!

Say My Name's sophomore record is being mastered and will have a release date soon. You can still pick up the cult classic original digitally HERE and on vinyl HERE.

A bunch of cool new sites from various friends: Joey Gee's comics, Eric Dobbins' illustrations, Barrett Emke's photographs, Josh Adams' paintings, Jason Barr's, uhh, Heaven and Fally Afani's Lawrence-centric music blog. And I've got a new collage portfolio site you can check HERE.

And don't miss our sister Dana's solo art show debut up now at the Bourgeois Pig in Lawrence! (Review HERE.)

Prrrrretty cool!

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