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Surfing right through the Summer... B)

I know the trend is to rush a record out before the release date, but we actually genuinely needed another week to get things done, so we've pushed the release date for Fourth Of July's "Before Our Hearts Explode!" to August 31st.

In the meantime, "Friend of a Friend" and "L Train" you can hear HERE; "Moving On" is on MySpace; and "Crying Shame" is up on Fuck Yeah Go Team! There will be vinyl for this release - a limited pressing of 500 - Pre-Order will be up soon at the Range Life Webstore. And if you're in Kansas City or Lawrence, please join us for the "Before Our Hearts Explode!" Record Release shows, Thursday, August 26th at Crosstown Station in KC (w/ the Caves, the Dactyls and Hidden Pictures) and Friday, August 27th at the Jackpot in Lawrence (w/ Conchance and Mansion).

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the Say My Name EP on vinyl. It is HERE and it sounds like the future on the phono. For real. You can pick it up at Love Garden in Lawrence or through our Worldwide Webstore. If you didn't see it, this Q & A with the Wayward Blog was a nice little snapshot into the workings of Say My Name. Potholes In My Blog had a cool review. And Zaguar put together a Puerto Rico and Lawrence splicefest video for "Stop Snitching". Check it!

September 14th is the new release date for the next White Flight single, "Children of the Light". Neil Krug has a music video for it, his first for us since Dri's "Two Are One". Have you seen the stills? Can not wait!

The Range Life kickball team is in the Semifinals this Sunday (the 22nd), playing the always-tough-but-have-you-heard-of Love Garden at Holcolm Park at 5PM. No Emo Allowed. Go Team!

Summer in Lawrence and the living's busy easy... B)

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