12/14/10 Secret Santa

Homepage: Zaguar. (Full image HERE)

Lawrence: Don't miss the house show of the year THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, December 18th with Fourth Of July and Rooftop Vigilantes rocking the Bullhouse, 1030 Maine (across from the football stadium). All Ages! 10PM. (And for those of us not there, but longing to be, put those smartphones to use and get us some video!)

In case you missed it, Patrick put the SVHS to use for this video for "Friend of a Friend".

The White Flight UK 7" for "Panther"/"Children of the Light" - and Neil Krug's tripping-Hawaii video for "Children of the Light" - are due any day. Tomorrow?

This will probably be our last week for "Favorite Songs of 2010" posts, so I hope you've enjoyed them. There is still time to send in a Fav, just try to make it snappy! Send to zach@rangeliferecords and we'll get it up. You can follow the action at the blog Before Our Hearts Explode!

To family, friends, fans everywhere: Thanks for making 2010 such a wonderful year for Range Life. Say My Name, Fourth Of July and White Flight all put out incredible music. And though this is a shipwrecked industry with more obstacles than the American Gladiators set, together we managed to make something wonderful. Thank you sincerely for that.

Happy Holidays from Range Life Records XXOO

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