7/14/10 Say My Name

Homepage: Zaguar.

So: Say My Name.

You may know Say My Name from his work on Dri's "Smoke Rings" - he produced the beats for "Two Are One", "Indria", "Inspiration", "Hot As Hades" and "Goodnight, Baby". You may have heard his wallflower-crushing club remix of White Flight's "The Condition"; his haunted-prairie remix of Suzannah Johannes' "Horserider's Smile"; or his woozy, wonderful take on Hospital Ships' "The Shots I Drank". You may have seen him playing guitar in Fourth Of July. Or sipping Chandon in the jacuzzi in the back of his white stretch limo. Or sitting courtside with Beyonce at Jayhawks home games.

Whether you know Say My Name or do not, his S/T "Say My Name" EP should be a revelation - a window into his world, shattered and glued back together as a glassy quartz. It's 8 tracks in 13 1/2 minutes, cross-faded to work as one. Found sound, samples, broken synthesizers, billows of smoke all cut-and-pasted, dotted and looped, late-night in Lawrence while JetBlue flights pass high overhead and stars shimmer untouchably.

You can stream the EP HERE - if you're in the mood, I urge you to listen start-to-finish. I've had the fortune of getting to listen over and over to this EP the last six months and I still can't stop. It's a gift that keeps on giving. A soundtrack to the bric-a-brac, anxiousness and random, startling, moments of bliss that somehow streak our lives.

So stoked to be putting this out! Pre-order vinyl HERE. Release date: July 27th!

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