7/30/10 Hot Rod

Homepage: Detail from a Say My Name portrait by Kenneth Kupfer.

The Say My Name EP is OUT NOW on iTunes. If you want to test-drive it, try racing it around the Soundcloud track. The vinyl is delayed until August 10th. Why? Well... because we fly by the seat of our pants and the vinyl manufacturing industry flies by the seats of their pants. Ultimately there'll be a beautifully designed, expertly cut, undulating analog disc to throw on during "Back to the Future" nights at the club and late-night, lamplight-glow gatherings of cooled-out-kids at the crib. I guess you could say it all works out.

For anyone ordering - or pre-ordering - the vinyl, yes we are providing a link to download for free the Say My Name EP MP3's.

In other Say My Name news: check out a new track, "Screwdriver", he put up on Soundcloud; check out his Midsummer-night's-dream remix of Hospital Ships' "All the Drugs in the World"; check out the Shout-Outs from Atlas and the Anchor, Friendship Bracelet, Potholes In My Blog, No Modest Bear, and Wayward Blog; and expect to see some Music Videos for the EP soon, lord willing.

Other things: the next White Flight single, "Children of the Light" isn't going to make it's August 3rd release target - but it's on the way and it sounds reeaalllllll good. And - cue the Pep Band - the sophomore Fourth Of July record, "Before Our Hearts Explode!", will be out August 24th! That's August 24th 2010. We start the launch for it next week.


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