6/23/10 It's a Brand New Era...

Homepage: Zaguar.

Well, this happened.

Thanks to Pre Sense Form, Chris Dickinson and a loving, supportive family, we've got a fresh new site to sail into the Future.

A Future so bright: White Flight, Fourth Of July and Say My Name all have new music soon to drop. The Say My Name EP (digital and vinyl) is set for July 27th. The second White Flight "White Ark" single, "Children of the Light" is scheduled for August 3rd. And the sophomore Fourth Of July record, titled "Before Our Hearts Explode!", will be out August 24th. Just typing this I need shades!

A lot of effort has gone in to making this version of the Range Life site more comprehensive. We've tried to sum up the past with links while keeping the present fresh with show listings and a comment option on the News. We've mined our iTunes for remixes and made a ton of tracks one right-click away from being entirely yours. Music Videos can be watched on-site, while the Store pops up our Big Cartel page where you can order CD's, posters and T-shirts - at last. So dig in, dig around, click the Album covers and, if you feel like it, let us know what you think.

This new step wouldn't be possible without all the people who helped us first get on our feet. Matthew Eastwood was the catalyst for our first site and helped us in every way. Andrew Myers and Mike Prittie programmed the site that has defined us for years. Matt Jozwiak fixed us up when we needed it, which we inevitably did. Beyond the site, our friends at Saddle Creek gave us an enormous opportunity by sub-distributing Range Life releases. For now, we're back to being on our own, back to our original vision of releasing music digitally with limited runs of CD's and vinyl available via shows and mail.

More to come, of course. For now let's just marvel at the fact that we've navigated the Bermuda Triangle of Lawrence and are setting sail again, compasses intact.

And It feels great.

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