11/4/10 Sunny Brooklyn

Homepage: Zaguar.

Aloha from... Brooklyn. Now what?

Fourth Of July play an ALL AGES house show this Saturday night, Nov 6, in Lawrence at PIZZA POWER, 1001 Connecticut. 11PM. You're invited!

Kenneth Kupfer's video for Say My Name's "PleasePleasePlease" is SO good, so please, please, please Check It Out!

Neil Krug's "Children of the Light" video and Patrick Hangauer's "Friend of a Friend" video are both imminent - right guys?

The UK 7" for White Flight's "Panther"/"Children of the Light" is now set for Dec 8th. Pre-order HERE.

Things have been chaotic - a few weeks of packing and moving - and still have to wait a week for the internet at the new apartment - so I apologize for the scattered quality of updates and news. Can't wait to return to focus, share some new things, get our 3rd annual "Fav Songs" series going and so much more.

Lot's of Love

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