10/8/10 10 Exciting Things

Homepage: Zaguar.

1. White Flight is the father of a new baby girl named Naia, born Oct 2nd in Kauai, Hawaii!

2. Dri's new band Extra Classic and Suzannah Johannes are playing a show together Friday, Oct 15th at the Jackpot!

3. Fourth Of July's doing a Record Release Party at O'Leavers Pub in Omaha with Capgun Coup on Friday, Oct 22nd...

4. and then heading back to Kansas City the next day, Saturday Oct 23rd, to play the 96.5 The Buzz "Halloweenie Roast" at the Beaumont Club with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Early Show!

5. Pre Sense Form has a new portfolio site up HERE.

6. Zaguar did a new video for Say My Name's "Introduction" HERE.

7. Asteroid Head badboy/ badboy illustrator Kenneth Kupfer is doing a video for Say My Name's "PleasePleasePlease", coming soon. Check the A.D.D. podcast with Kenneth HERE.

8. Neil Krug is putting the polish on his much anticipated video for White Flight's "Children of the Light"...

9. which will be coming out b/w "Panther" as a limited 7" on Make Mine on Oct 25th.

10. Range Life will be expanding into "City Life" this Fall as I make the move to join my girlfriend in Brooklyn, NY. We'll keep going strong, stronger than ever!

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