9/6/10 Up for air

Homepage: Fourth Of July photo by Pre Sense Form.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the "Before Our Hearts Explode!" release shows, bought the CD and t-shirts and pre-ordered the vinyl. I hope you'll agree this record's pretty special. It's the culmination of so many things: a relationship, a recording and mixing marathon, a phase in Lawrence that shook things up with Dri moving to SF and Say My Name leaving the band to work on his music. It's hard-won, this record, and it feels freeing to finally share it.

I Heart Local Music had a nice recap of the Lawrence release show, with video of each act, on And reviews are out on the Fire Note, Atlas and the Anchor, Dots and Dashes and Ink KC.

What next? Patrick's blast-from-the- past music video for "Friend of a Friend" and another Fourth Of July show, Friday Sept 17th at the Taproom. That and the eagerly-awaited arrival of the vinyl...

CD's are up on the Webstore and more t-shirts will be up soon.

We're trying to catch our breath real quick before the release next week of the next White Flight single, a banger called "Children of the Light". It will be up on iTunes with a b-side "Thunder Over Thunder" on Tuesday, the 14th. Make Mine in the UK is doing a "Panther"/"Children of the Light" 7 inch set for late October. And Neil Krug is finishing up an incredible video for "Children of the Light" shot on location with White Flight in Kauai.

Yeah. Stay tuned.

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