4/12/11 Cool Kids

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Don't miss Fourth Of July this Friday night, April 15th, playing a KJHK - and Turbotax - sponsored show at the Bottleneck in Lawrence with Elevator Action and Oils. 10 PM! 50% off all drinks for CPA's.

If you go you might hear this new jam "Eskimo Brothers" - live version HERE on FOJ's new YouTube channel - which, if you're missing Lawrence, sums up the state of mind there uncannily - especially the chorus "The stars remind me I'm in the middle of nowhere." (Can't say I've noticed any stars yet in NYC...)

Extra Classic has a cool show coming up in San Francisco, opening for !!! at the Independent on Monday night, April 18th at 9PM. HERE is some live footage of Extra Classic tearing into SXSW a few weeks ago. And HERE is a link to Nopal Records, where you can pick up a 7" of the first Extra Classic single, "Congo Rebel". (iTunes single HERE).

Any Range Life fans in San Diego, give a shout to Jeffrey Isom aka Pre Sense Form, the man behind all our graphic and art design, and probably the #1 person in the world I'd want to move to whatever city I was living in. SoCal bands, artists, start-ups, agencies - put our man to work!

Say My Name's sophomore record is being mastered and will have a release date soon. You can still pick up the cult classic original digitally HERE and on vinyl HERE.

A bunch of cool new sites from various friends: Joey Gee's comics, Eric Dobbins' illustrations, Barrett Emke's photographs, Josh Adams' paintings, Jason Barr's, uhh, Heaven and Fally Afani's Lawrence-centric music blog. And I've got a new collage portfolio site you can check HERE.

And don't miss our sister Dana's solo art show debut up now at the Bourgeois Pig in Lawrence! (Review HERE.)

Prrrrretty cool!

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