6/16/11 Summer

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Congratulations to Dri and her band Extra Classic! They've signed to Manimal in Los Angeles and will be putting out their debut record "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam" on September 27th. Check out the first single "Congo Rebel" on FADER and get the 7" 45 from Nopal. And check out a new track, "Give Them The Same" HERE. Feeeeling it.

Goes kinda nicely with this dubbed-out A.D.D. podcast from @BARRR and DJ Carlos Picante. I had it on repeat for a week B) Also a nice A.D.D. podcast with Dri "Smoke Rings" producer Nezbeat, who dropped a hiphop record with Joe Good called "Good Hair". Listen up!

It's the middle of June which means... 2 1/2 weeks until the "Fourth Of July on the 4th of July" annual blow-out at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence. This year will feature, along with some patriotic sweat and shirtlessness from Fourth Of July, a bottle-rocket blast from JabberJosh and a wave of waving sparklers from The Traveling Junipers. Plus, guest-DJ-ing on the patio, from Have-You-Heard-About-Brooklyn-New-York: PRIEST Fontaine!

The new Say My Name joint is oh-so-close - mixed, mastered, videos and remixes being worked on. Just trying to nail down an official release date. Plan is to drop it digitally alongside a super-limited run of lathe-cut LP's. Summer '11 - for sure. Stay tuned.

Lawrence music shout-outs: Norrit killing it with that shimmy on his Soundcloud; the terrific new Hospital Ships record "Lonely Twin", out now on Graveface (also check out the Lawrence-repping videos for Lonely Twin track "Galaxies" and for Spinner Magazine at I Heart Local Music); and a nice chill new track from CVLTS that I haven't been able to stop listening to.

Summer. Finally. Damn... For those of you in New York, stop by the Speedy Romeo tent at the "Smorgasburg"/Brooklyn Flea at the East River Waterfront in Williamsburg on Saturdays where I've been helping Chef - and Kansan - Justin Bazdarich dish out his incredible fresh mozzarella. And our friend Steven Stewart is set to open his new art gallery - called "Kansas", of course - with a group show and opening party on Friday, June 24th.


Our hearts and thoughts are with Corey Roelofs - feel better, brother.

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