5/12/11 Open Windows

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After he finishes in the Disney World Men's Room, Brendan and the rest of Fourth Of July will be bringing that Summertime feeling to the Replay Lounge patio in downtown Lawrence, Kansas for the annual "Spring Into Summer" local music fest on Saturday, May 21st. It's a great bill, check it out at I Heart Local Music. (While you're there, Brendan joined in sharing some Summer thoughts and an idea for avant-garde swimwear, which is worth considering.)

There's also a live version of a new Fourth Of July song, "Fall In August" from their show at the Record Bar in Kansas City last month up on their YouTube channel. (If you follow Range Life on Twitter, forgive me for the re-posts -- as you know, it all happens there first ; )

Fourth Of July bassist and 1,000,000 Light Years point man Patrick Hangauer is getting married this weekend in Lawrence: sorry Ladies! But we're thrilled for Patrick and Holly and wish them every happiness.

I'll be bringing a stash of White Flight "Panther" 7"s to stock at Love Garden -- they're limited, so don't sleep on it!

Say My Name posted to his Soundcloud the Oval-esque remix he did for White Flight's "Children of the Light" (and no, your computer's not on the fritz - these are sounds made by marking up a burned cd of the original track with magic marker and then re-importing it fresh)

Say My Name #2 update: just waiting on the mastering and we'll be ready to roll. RIYL: the idea of Tortoise jamming via remote-control robots or what Madlib would make if he came up in Berlin instead of L.A. Summer Release info soon!

I did a fan video for the Deptford Goth track "Real Love Fantasy", which you can check HERE.

Shout out to Lawrence! Shout out to Spring in New York! Shout out to 98-year-old Grandma Kate making it back to Lawrence for the wedding!

So nice to have the windows open...

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