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Homepage: Photo of Say My Name by Brendan Hangauer

"Say My Name 2", the outstanding sophomore release from Say My Name, is OUT TODAY, digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Say My Name's Bandcamp. You can also stream it for free on Soundcloud. It starts fast and furious with "The Squeakquel" (great fan video for "The Squeakquel" Here) and "Screwdriver" before slowing down and stretching out into the soundscape vistas and atmospheric collages that define most of the record. In the press release we called it "a soundscapist's escape from the Kansas cold" and I feel like you can hear the ice creak behind these songs even as they transport you across a spinning globe to Indian weddings, desert canyons, Times Square, Atlantis... So proud to be putting this out. Thanks to Kenneth Kupfer for the album art and Carl Saff for the mastering. Get your EarBuds ready!

Check out the Wonder Woman-starring video for Say My Name's "La Cygne" HERE and if you're feeling the track, you can download it by right-clicking on "La Cygne" under the Say My Name header on the Range Life "LISTEN" page.

Thrilled to announce that Fourth Of July has started recording their third full-length with Old Canes/Appleseed Cast frontman Chris Crisci. We'll keep you posted on how it develops. One change will be the absence of trumpeter/keyboardist Kelly Hangauer from these recordings. He's gone to Prague for a semester abroad. You can follow him at his Twitter - if he'd ever use it - and check out the terrific first tracks he's posted to his Hunters and Gatherers Soundcloud.

Our girl Dri has her Extra Classic album, "Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam", coming out next week, September 27th, on Manimal Vinyl. It's getting some rad attention - Rolling Stone, Pop Matters, Yours Truly - and for good reason: from deep-in-the-cut "Congo Rebel" to high-in-the-heavens "Give Me Your Love" it's full of goosebumps. Don't miss them live in October opening for Spencer Krug's Moonface. And check out Pre Sense Form's San Fran-psych album cover. Can't wait for that gatefold vinyl!

If you're in Lawrence and you think you spotted a mysterious figure looking suspiciously like White Flight - you're right, baby. He's back with his girl and his baby daughter to soak up some Free State and catch some college football while we await the fate of his Kickstarter. We need about 5G's with 12 days to go for what will undoubtedly be a mind-blowing album. Please consider pledging if you haven't already done so and spread the word/ Facebook "Like"/ RT/ whatever to help make it happen. This could be HUGE!

Thanks, as always!

Range Life
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