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Excited to announce our first release of 2012: the debut EP from Lawrence, Kansas' Coke Weed X! Brian and Brendan Costello (who you may know as Bronco and Styles from Fourth Of July, the Dactyls, the Hips, the Turnpike, the Chalmersiz) dug deep into their record bins and skill sets to pull out this gleaming treasure chest of post-Rock, old-Soul and MacBook cut-and-paste. Such a cool record. You can stream it on Soundcloud or Bandcamp and download first single "Bearcat" HERE. Release date for iTunes/Amazon/et al is August 28th. Digital only. Remixes and videos "in the works". UPDATE: check out the I Heart Local Music piece on Coke Weed X HERE.

Other things "in the works": Fourth Of July album #3 is getting finished up slowly but surely (Brendan had to take time out to star in "Open Mic Night", a short film directed by our old pal Matt Toplikar). And the next White Flight record is being finshed up, excitingly quickly, at an undisclosed location in Hawaii…

Patrick from Fourth Of July is gone for a season in Costa Rica but he left behind the next 1,000,000 Light Years album, a long-anticipated follow-up to his 2007 EP. So releasing that's in the works. And Kelly from the Hips (who played this nice new track on "The Not So Late Show" a few months ago - that's Bronco on the drums) is working on a suite of songs I hope we'll get to share sometime soon.

And in Dri news, her band Extra Classic rocked a Daytrotter session, which is posted HERE; they're working on new songs, one of which you can hear live HERE; and, oh yeah, she got married to her Extra Classic sweetheart Alex a few weeks ago in San Francisco! Summer of Love.

Before Summer ends: put this Coke Weed X album on in your headphones and go chill by the pool or put a blanket down in the park or walk downtown like a breeze through the action and soak it up. It'll feel fantastic or your money back.

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