7/3/12 Sizzle reel

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Looks like it's gonna be 106 degrees in Lawrence on the 4th of July. What better way to stay sweaty than catching the annual Replay firework show, also known as "Fourth Of July on the 4th of July"? This year will be extra interesting, with Brendan from Fourth Of July fresh off of fracturing his wrist. Ex-Fourth Of July guitarist Say My Name will be filling in on guitar and Brendan will get to perform in the role he's always dreamed of: pure lead singer. Show's at 10PM, Wednesday, July 4th. Opening is Kansas City's the ACB's. UPDATE: Nice recap of the show and videos of Fourth Of July doing the Star Spangled Banner and playing "Can't Sleep" and "Surfer Dude" HERE, thanks to I Heart Local Music.

Along with saving the day for "Fourth Of July on the 4th of July", Say My Name has been hard at it, rocking this throwback remix for Fag Cop's "Panoptic Wives" and contributing a new jam, "El Judicial", to Potholes In My Blog's "Space Toast" compilation. We've also added two tracks to the Listen page for Say My Name's exceptional "Say My Name 2" from last year, "What's After Next?" and "The Red One".

Our next release, the debut EP from Coke Weed X is tenatively set for an August 7th (digital only). Next update will have the full scoop.

Other scoops: White Flight has returned from recording his next record in Peru and is back in Hawaii, finishing it up (!). And 1,000,000 Light Years is putting the finishing touches on a follow-up EP to his 2007 ambient-electronic debut.

Really lovely tribute to Dri/Extra Classic from I Heart Local Music posted at The Larryville Chronicles.

And our boy Nezbeat did the beat and worked on the raps for this Funny or Die video starring the filmmaker's of the movie "Lola Versus".

Try to stay cool, everybody. Get some lemonade from your local upstart lemonade stand, hit the public pool, hammock in the shade -- or move to San Francisco, where it's 65 degrees all summer B)

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