11/18/12 #LFK

Homepage: Stills from the Coke Weed X "I'm Not the Pilot" and "Gold Linked Chain" videos

What was up with that site outage earlier this month? Who knew domain name renewal was such a racket? Was kind of surreal, but feels good to be back!

Excited to get back to Lawrence for Thanksgiving and to see all our friends and family and - sweet cherry on top - super excited to see Fourth Of July play their first show in months while we're in town. It will be at the Replay, Saturday night, November 24th, 10 PM. Opening is Y(our) Fri(end) (nice video thanks to I Heart Local Music HERE) and Monster.

Fourth Of July has some big news impending as far as the release of their next record, "Empty Moon" - details soon ;)

1,000,000 Light Years/ Patrick from Fourth Of July is back from a season in Costa Rica, just in time to gear up for his sophomore solo release. Title is "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" and, appropriately, the palette is otherworldly atmospherics, sacred geometric sound waves and "Drop It Like It's Hot" booty bass. It's a special record and we'll have release info for early 2013 with the next update. In the meantime, catch up with 1,000,000 Light Years at his blog and check out the Costa Rica-shot music video he put together for Coke Weed X's "I'm Not The Pilot".

Another cool music video for Coke Weed X's "Gold Linked Chain" was done by Brandon Sieve. Check it HERE at his Vimeo. Word is Coke Weed X has put together a few practices lately in the hopes of playing live soon. If you haven't spent time with their record, you can stream it on Soundcloud or Bandcamp and buy it at iTunes or Amazon. Highly Recommended.

Word from White Flight is that his record's getting close...!

What else? Say My Name posted a 4-track tune on his Soundcloud, called "Theme From 'Rainbow Rainbow'". I mean, it's no Oneohtrix Point Never but…. Our friend Nezbeat put a pretty bent ear-bender of a free album up on his Bandcamp. And Kelly, Bronco and the Hips did a split 7" with Hospital Ships (how great is this Hospital Ships track?) , available from Replay Records. The Hips are also playing this Friday night, November 23rd at the Replay for the Dry Bonnet Tour Kickoff. See you there!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Hope the Tofurkey's better than ever this year!

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