3/19/13 1MLY

Homepage: photo of 1,000,000 Light Years by Kelly Hangauer

It has arrived ;) The new 1,000,000 Light Years EP "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love" is available now via iTunes and I think it's a classic. "Pythagoras" is the kind of progressive symphony destined for performance at CAP. "Sevens" is my jam - my favorite song this year. "Waves" marks the arrival of "modal" electronica. "Hoya" would slay any dancefloor with a booty on it. And "Breakaway" is like the best elements of each of the first four tracks packed into one transporting hit. This record rules! I hope you'll at least give it a LISTEN. There are also a few videos to check out, starting with an "Introduction to 1,000,000 Light Years", shot by Coke Weed X's Brendan Costello. Zaguar rocked the iMovie special for Michelle Obama's fav "Sevens". And 1,000,000 Light Years himself did some sweet Flash experiment videos for "Breakaway" and "Pythagoras". On top of all that, 1,000,000 Light Years has a second new EP called "Rainbow Keys" that he's self-released on his Bandcamp. It definitely bridges the midi-mechanics of his 2007 debut EP and the weightlessness of "Your Spaceship Awaits You, My Love". Fellow prog-producer Say My Name did a remix of "Rainbow Keys" which you can and should check out HERE.

Want to experience 1,000,000 Light Years live? You're in luck Lawrence and Kansas City. His release shows will be Thursday, March 28th at the Riot Room in Kansas City with Inspired School of Astral Music and Grimoire and Friday, March 29th at SeedCo. in Lawrence as part of Final Fridays. He'll be back in KC at Glimpse Gallery on Friday, April 5th for First Fridays and back again in Lawrence on Friday, April 26th at Love Garden for an in-store with, oh, his other band...

Fourth Of July. Let's talk about it. Yes, Range Life has been family oriented. And yes, the new album rules. So why isn't Range Life putting it out? Because if Range Life was putting it out it would have been digital-only with in-house PR and no other like-minded bands from the label to join forces with… It would have been a small record as opposed to a bigger record and the band understandably didn't want that. I trust you'll follow them over to their new label, Kansas City's High Dive Records, which is certainly in the right place at the right time. Pretty awesome to start a roster with Fourth Of July, Ghosty and the ACB's all coming out swinging. You can pre-order "Empty Moon" on CD or LP as well as pick up some sweet shirts and coozies over at the High Dive online store. Fourth Of July will be playing a handful of release shows, rocking Lawrence Friday, April 12th at the Jackpot (w/ labelmates the ACB's), Kansas City the following Friday, the 19th at the Brick (w/ Ghosty and the Devil) and then back in Lawrence on April 26th for a special Final Fridays in-store at Love Garden (w/ 1,000,000 Light Years), which will be coinciding with Brendan from Fourth Of July's screen-print Art opening. Heard the first single "Drinking Binge"? Check it HERE!

White Flight fans rejoice: the first glimpse of sound from his new record surfaced recently, soundtracking our friend Neil Krug's promo video for NYC designer Mara Hoffman. Seen it? Heard it? Check it HERE. More to come!

And some good news on the Dri/Extra Classic front: they're finished their next album here in San Francisco and are prepping it "showcase style" (A-side originals, B-side dubs) for Jah's - and our -anxious ears.

Alright! Rock Chalk Hawks fans!

Range Life
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