11/24/13 Snowballin

Homepage: Ocean Beach by My Moon

I am clearly not the best prognosticator of release dates! These things inevitably take longer than you'd think...

Case in point: we had hoped to get this really wonderful 4-song EP by CorporateWoods (our youngest brother (and former White Flight, Dri and Fourth Of July contributor) Kelly Hangauer) out before the end of the year. But everyone got so busy we have no choice but to push it back into 2014. It'll give us time to get some videos done and get our press releases out properly. We have set a new release date for it: February 4th, 2014. And to make up for the long tease, here's a taste from the EP, an epic abstract-nostalgia track called "Virtual Boy".

I know everyone's anxious to know what's up with White Flight. Well, this happened. Wild world! The status of his new record is that it won't be attributed to "White Flight" but rather a new name honoring the depth of collaboration on these new tracks between White Flight and Ratatat's E*vax. And it will not be a Range Life release but rather an independent and/or new label release. The Kickstarter vision of a robust visual component accompanying the new record is happening full-on! Check some of these pics from Priest Fontaine who was filming with them recently in Peru: here, here and here. That this album will be worth the wait is such an understatement. It's about the boldest, freshest, raddest audio experience you can imagine. It's going to be HUGE! (UPDATE: The White Flight/E*VAX project is called "ABUELA". They have a video up for the track "Sapa" HERE, featuring footage from Peru, and a single for the track "True Colors" coming out February 4th, 2014 on Canvasback!)

Following Fourth Of July's 4th of July finale, FOJ's Brendan Hangauer flew the coop and wound up out here on the best coast, settling in Oakland, CA. Since I see him every day now, I know for a fact he's working on some sweet new songs for a solo album. Details as they develop. If you haven't seen it, our friend Matt Toplikar did a cool video for Empty Moon's blistering closer, "Berlin".

Dri's Extra Classic, Suzannah Johannes, and Say My Name all have new records completed and are in the process of working out release details (none of these are set to be Range Life releases — it’s just the reality of time, money and opportunity right now) — and I trust you’ll get to hear and enjoy them sooner rather than later since they are all really wonderful records. And 1,000,000 Light Years fans should brace themselves for his upcoming White Flight remix!

Attention here now turns towards getting CorporateWoods off the ground and to a Zaguar video for the new Say My Name — I’m practically promising these with the next update ;)

Happy Holidays!

Range Life
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